The secrets of global e-mail deliverability

As an online marketer you know that business have no boundaries and you need to reach customers around the globe. Developing economies in Asia, Eastern Europe and South America are growing at a faster pace and provide interesting opportunities to grow your business. While you may have a large U.S. customer base, most companies have a significant customer and prospects base in many countries around the globe.  Hence, e-mail deliverability needs to be looked at from a global perspective, not just from one country.

Given all the challenges today with the volume of spam messages, growth in botnets, sender reputation, blacklisting and the constantly evolving nature of issues it is extremely difficult for small to medium companies to optimize deliverability. Even large companies are finding it a challenge to invest in resources and gain expertise to optimize their email platform for global deliverability. Here are some tips for bettwe

1. Work with a global e-mail service provider

If you are looking for deliverability globally, work with a global provider with customers and offices around the globe. Does the ESP have brand name customers from around the globe, or is it just a few small unknowns? Large brand name customers have extensive mailing lists and complex needs.

2. Look into the expertise of the deliverability team

There are many new entrants in the e-mail service provider market today and they have limited expertise in the complex area of deliverability and global ISP relationships. The number of years the ESP has been in operation, the size of the deliverability team, global coverage of ISP relationships and length of expertise of deliverability team members are important factors to consider and compare before finalizing on an ESP platform. The ESP deliverability team needs to maintain good contacts with the ISP teams for message handling management, blacklisting follow-up, whitelisting and ISP complaint resolution, all of which improve deliverability.

3. Use deliverability tools

The ultimate proof of deliverability is sending messages to various ISP mailboxes around the globe and checking if they were received and how they look in the preview and mail screens. Selected e-mail service providers today provide the capability to do just that. With inbox preview you can track deliverability of your campaigns with majors ISPs and get campaign diagnostic results. You can quickly find out when a campaign is being blocked or filtered by ISPs and which campaigns are driving a higher rate of complaints. Good e-mail service providers provide coverage with over 120 ISPs around the globe, with over a thousand addresses.

4. Look for Local Language Support

Verify the ESP platform is available in multiple languages. If your company has a global team, marketing team members may require platform to be available in their local language to utilize it effectively. Another important aspect is the ability to send e-mail messages in multiple languages and the capability to support the character set of languages desired by the company.

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