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The Real Cyber Monday Story Lies in Mobile Data

Coming off the biggest cyber week in history, digital dominated the markets across the board, outperforming brick and mortar purchases by a landslide. And though Black Friday still takes the throne for the biggest shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday certainly didn’t fail to live up to expectations – revenue growth from 2016 sits at a whopping 15%.

“The story within the story this year is mobile, though,” said Rick Kenney, Head of Consumer Insights at Salesforce, during a Retail Reality Check session on Twitter Live this afternoon. “Last summer we predicted that mobile orders would exceed [desktop] orders.”

And that holds true for cyber week as a whole, but according to a Salesforce report, mobile orders actually declined on Monday. This, of course, is not a surprise. Twelve years ago when Cyber Monday first entered the holiday shopping lexicon, it was to created to leverage access to high-speed Internet connection available at work. E.g, people sitting at their computers, or, the “bored at work” crowd.

Make no mistake, though, “Mobile growth is still healthy, as shoppers placed 37% of orders and made 56% of visits from phones on Cyber Monday, outpacing last year’s values of 29% and 48%, respectively,” Kenney said.

“This year, mobile shopping was dominant both in the morning and afternoon, and desktop only staged a comeback in the evening when people were home,” said Taylor Schreiner, director of Adobe’s Digital Insights division.

The amount of hard-earned American dollars that consumers funneled back into the economy sits at a staggering $6.59 billion, according to Adobe Insights. Approximately $2 billion of that belongs to digital transactions made on mobile – a first for mobile orders. Overall, consumers are on track to spend around $100 billion by the end of the holiday season.

“People are really figuring out how to use their mobile devices,” said Mickey Mericle, VP of Adobe’s Marketing and Insights division. “And retailers are figuring out how to optimize [for mobile]. We’re seeing the two come together.” 

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