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The P’s and Q’s of Social Branding

Social media is one of, if not the most, vibrant, volatile and financially viable marketing channels in business. It is also experiencing a ton of growth; growth that’s showing no signs of slowing in 2015. However, as social networks mature, so too should marketing strategies on these networks. For this to happen, I believe marketers’ social media priorities may need a good shuffling. In fact, some items should probably be dropped from the social planning board altogether.

Here are six things that social media marketers should either prioritize or quit altogether in their interactions and campaigns.

Prioritize Personality

The only thing worse than being overly “salesy” on social is doing so in a literary monotone. Far too many brands compose social posts without humor, or grit, or any of the other personable aspects that make human interaction dynamic.

Quit Memes

Memes are as popular as they are potentially powerful, and the pull to leverage them as a marketer is understandably strong. However, think about how quickly memes fall in and out of favor. Now consider how many brands latch onto these memes in an attempt to be relevant, only to come off as profoundly out of touch. Don’t be that brand.

Prioritize Presence

We’re far past the open season on social media accounts. Like the rest of the Web, social media is completely open to any and all businesses. However, marketers should place a priority on channels that support their products or services. A business that isn’t visually oriented, for example, should probably steer clear of Instagram and Pinterest.

Quit the Silence

Silence. This is worse than not setting up the account at all. If the first thing a user sees on a branded social account is a six-month-old post then they’re probably unlikely to come back or think very highly of the brand. At least, I’m not likely to return.

Prioritize Perception

Businesses should be as perceptive as possible in all aspects of social media. If your followers are talking about something, pay attention. If your followers are not talking about something, pay attention. Most important, if your followers are talking to you, don’t just pay attention; respond.

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