The power of advertising in mobile communities

The mobile phone is a valuable new platform to collect detailed demographic information, and mobile communities are the leading application to achieve this. In fact, advertising in mobile communities is, on average, more than ten times as effective as online.

The mobile phone is a valuable extension to the multichannel marketing mix, and mobile communities enable advertisers to deliver more interactive, targeted and media rich campaigns than ever before with integrated features like e-mail, blogging, search, text messaging, video, audio and detailed user profiles.

No other marketing channel enables advertisers to reach out to their customers in a way that is as personal and responsive as the mobile phone. After all, most people have more than one e-mail address but only one mobile phone.

Unlike radio, television, print and online, mobile phones currently enjoy a novelty factor with consumers, providing an opportune vehicle to gather customer information and instant feedback on products and services in real time.

To demonstrate the responsiveness of the mobile platform, we recently conducted a survey in our community and in the first 90 minutes alone more than 30,000 people provided detailed responses to our questions.

Three-quarters of those surveyed would rather chat on their phone than watch television, a valuable insight for advertisers and marketers alike and a testament to the value of adding mobile to your marketing mix.

But what happens when the novelty factor wears off? The value of targeted advertising will be paramount and this is where building mobile communities into your multichannel marketing mix will become ever more important.

Mobile communities leverage the personal nature of the mobile phone, and customers will proactively share their demographic details as they seek like-minded people within the community. This provides detailed targeting information for advertisers and a vehicle to increase the relevance of their advertising.

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