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The New England Patriots ready new mobile Web site

The NFL’S New England Patriots are gearing up for football season with a new mobile Web site, created with mobile network Quattro Wireless.

The site, at patriots.mobi, is similar to the Patriots’ regular Web site. “The idea was to take the best of their online con­tent and bring it to the mobile world,” said Lars Albright, VP of business development at Quattro Wireless.

The site features some exclusive content. “Patriots Now” videos are weekly one- to two-minute clips of the latest team news. It also has an instant in-game tracker, with real-time score updates, that allows users to follow games in progress; rosters; schedules; podcasts; Patriots ProShop information; game reports; and photos.

“More and more people are accessing the mobile Web to access information and sports fans are very active on the site,” Albright said. “That is something that the Patriots embraced.”

In addition to offering consumers another portal for interacting with the brand, the new site offers benefits to the Patriots from an ad revenue standpoint, as the site will serve ads through the Quattro Wireless network. Quattro will manage the site’s ad sales.

In September, a campaign will launch to promote the new site, but Albright said it is too early to discuss any details of the campaign.

Quattro Wireless also powers the NFL’s mobile site, to which the new Patriots site links. It is working to incorporate content from the NFL site to run on the Patriots site and reformat Gamecenter information, which consists of detailed live game stats.

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