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The Monday Stack: More Triggers, More Insights, More Real-Time Reporting

The hill of Montjuïc, crowned by the 1992 Olympic Park, rises high above the crowded streets of Barcelona. The Fira Gran Via, a sprawling collection of expo halls, sits on Montjuïc’s lower slops, but still seems isolated from the hubbub of the city below, a city rapidly coming to a political boiling point in the last weeks of October 2017.

The sunlit halls were a good location to consider the evolution of the SAP Hybris customer experience offering, and to consider other political developments — like GDPR — likely to have a massive impact on data-driven commerce and marketing. My in-depth thoughts on the SAP Hybris vision are here. But other news came out of the Summit too; here are some highlights.

  • A new accelerator for SAP Hybris Commerce, in collaboration with IBM, and specifically aimed at telecomms and media. The aim is to help brands manage complex product and service offerings (add-ons, promotions, etc) across channels, including physical in-store interactions.
  • Facial recognition as a permission-based in-store personalization feature. Powered by Leonardo AI, facial analysis can link shoppers genders, ages, and personal styles to the store’s available inventory, driving granular personalization of offers and promotions.
  • IoT campaign triggers (example: reaching a personal milestone on a fitness tracker).
  • For brands selling in China, WeChat integration.
  • IDP Education, the global student placement service, is rolling out SAP Hybris engagement and commerce solutions to support and connect conversations with millions of web visitors as well as clients engaging via Facebook, WeChat, live chat, and face-to-face.


Adobe Target has not been idle when it comes to AI-driven personalization, unveiling three news tabs to Insights Reports, powered by Adobe Sensei:

  • Audience Insights now surfaces the top 10 audiences (size-defined) which converted at the highest rate. This replaces identification of individual, first-party data-based attributes influencing conversion, with identification of complex, high-converting audiences.
  • Offers Insights surfaces the highest and lowest performing offers for complex audiences.
  • Influencers Insights ranks profile attributes which influence the AI algorithm to deliver specific experiences (nothing to do with social media influencers).

The underlying motivation is to offer customers more transparent insights into what AI algorithms are actually doing,


And finally, fresh out of the Socialbakers oven, (near) real-time performance benchmarking for social ads — not least, on Facebook. Rapid measurement performance against industry trends on reach and CPC should allow brands to improve content and optimize strategy, in one place, and as a campaign unfolds.


Next week’s Stack, live from Sirius Decisions Technology Exchange, Austin, Texas. Look out for it.


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