The Monday Stack: In and Out of the Cloud

This morning, at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit, CEO Steve Lucas announced a collaboration with Google Cloud to accelerate AI capabilities aimed at improving the ability of marketers to segment and personalize within the Marketo Engagment Platform. The new Marketo Audience AI solution will use Google machine learning to automatically generate high value audience segments from within marketers’ own databases, without any hands-on involvement of data scientists. 

This proffer supplements Marketo Content AI, which uses machine learning to generate next-best piece of content based on customer behavior. 

DMN is at Marketing Nation this week: Look out for a deeper dive into Marketo product news.


In counter-intuitive news of the week, is there really a Get Out of the Cloud movement underway? We don’t believe it, but we take note when leading sentiment and text analytics vendor Lexalytics starts talking about a booming on-prem business. While it might offer cutting edge AI-powered NLP tools, its customers are finding cost savings, enhanced security, and customizability opportunities by taking the deployment in-house, or at least to a private cloud. 

Lexalytics reports that on-prem deployments of its Salience NLP engine are growing at twice the rate of its public cloud, SaaS solution; a change in direction from recent years. Brands making that surprising move include those in heavily regulated industries like finance and healthcare, those with heavy-duty security requirements, and those processing in excess of 10 million documents per month, and where latency can be an issue (on-prem is still faster than cloud).

If this is a flash in the deployment pan, so be it. Lexaltyics is betting otherwise by offering free migration and tuning services for customers who want to return to planet earth.


Finally, on a sad note, we mark the passing of Arthur Blumenfield, an award-winning direct marketer, an innovator in the space, and a pillar of the Direct Marketing Club of New York, the tri-state non-profit which offers support, education, and networking opportunities to both direct and digital marketers.

Arthur served as treasurer to the DMCNY for over 20 years, crowning a 50 year career as a direct marketer. Described by friends as “one of the legends in our field,” he pioneered the use of computer technology at Standard Oil, was an inventor of personalized “Me Books,” and innovated de-duplication of mailing list technology.

Arthur died peacefully last week, aged 82.

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