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The Monday Stack: Happy July 4th

Before we turn our attention to the beach, the barbecue, and the fireworks, here are some news items which recently crossed our desks.


Austin, Texas-based Bazaarvoice, which drives the value of trusted consumer generated content for its clients, just launched Brand Edge, enabling marketers to scoop up content like consumer reviews and distribute it to eCommerce sites within the Bazaarvoice network. Notably, Brand Edge doesn’t require installation of eCommerce software across brands’ web properties. 

The new solution is designed to collect high volumes of consumer feedback, drive channel sails by reaching shoppers at multiple retail touchpoints; listen to consumer sentiment; and support the launch of new sample lines of products, generating brand advocate feedback.


Catchpoint is a company which has been talking about experience (the “big E”) for some time now. Not that it’s in the business of crafting immaculate marketing, sales, and service experiences for consumers — no, all it does is make seamless B2B and eCommerce experiences possible by, well, monitoring the pipes which are necessary to the whole deal. Catchpoint tracks client traffic worldwide for problems, predicts bottlenecks and breakdowns, and provides the intelligence to anticipate and fix them; all as described by founder and CEO Mehdi Daoudi in this “One on One.”

Latest news: Catchpoint is leveraging AI. Guided Intelligence is a suite of algorithms added to the Catchpoint platform, essentially to make the solution more predictive. Explained Catchpoint in a press release: “Guided Intelligence…helps IT and DevOps teams quickly gain actionable insights from Catchpoint’s vast performance monitoring data, reducing Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) and improving delivery of digital services.



Qubit, the marketing personalization specialists, announced that it has joined the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program, giving Shopify’s high-growth, high-volume clients access to its machine learning-driven personalization technology. Shopify Plus is an enterprise eCommerce platform: It recognizes Qubit, said a press release, as a “best-in-class solution…The customers of both Qubit and Shopify Plus collectively generate billions of dollars of online spend every year,” said Kevin Zellmer, global vice president of partners, Qubit. “Both service ecommerce teams in different, but complementary ways, and without the pain of legacy technology systems.”


Double Verify, the brand safety watchdog we profiled back in January, has updated its integration with leading video marketing platform Innovid, to enable real-time ad blocking in HTML5 environments, reflecting the ongoing migration of publishers from Flash to HTML5 video inventory. This month, Google officially stops supporting Flash video ads for DoubleClick Studio, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers or AdWords. The announced move will protect Innovid customers from any gap in verification measurement or ad blocking as publishers implement the change.


That’s it, we’ll see you on the other side. Happy Independence Day to our U.S. readers.


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