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The Many Threads of Social Superbowl Conversation

The Superbowl is much more than Winter’s largest sporting event. It has grown into one of the premier marketing events of the year, with each game’s commercial segments bringing more controversy, emotion, and reaction from viewers than its predecessor. Kick-off is still days away, but social media hasn’t stopped raving about topics such as #Deflategate and GoDaddy’s pulled TV spot. Since Monday, tweets relating to the Superbowl have reached more than 31 million users, and accumulated more than 33 million impressions, according to a sample search conducted using Keyhole.

Here are some of the top tweets surrounding the Big Game, and the marketing frenzy associated with it:

The vast majority of the Superbowl social conversation seems grounded in humor and anticipation, with the exception of GoDaddy. The domain registry brand found itself on the hot seat once again this week, after airing a sneak peak at an ad that features a lost puppy finding its way home, only to be sold by its owner on a GoDaddy website. GoDaddy pulled the ad after a Change.org petition garnered tens of thousands of signitures within hours. That wasn’t good enough for some Tweeters though:

Fans who aren’t discussing the ads have spent the last week fixated on the Patriots’ defeat of the Colts; a venerable media storm with deflated footballs at its core. Rallying behind the hashtag #Deflategate, fans are using Twitter to vent, condemn, and crack jokes about the viral controversy:

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