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The Kahala taps ClickSquared for database, e-mail marketing

The Kahala Hotel and Resort, in Hawaii, has signed ClickSquared Inc. to help build its interactive relationship marketing communications program.

With ClickSquared, the Kahala will focus on database and e-mail marketing to create personalized interactive communications for its guests, based on their individual preferences. New communications in the works include automated, custom pre- and post-stay programs. The goal is to position the Kahala as a premium, highly personal customer experience.

“We chose to work with ClickSquared because of their proven track record in developing marketing programs that enable high-end organizations to speak one-to-one to their guests in a highly personalized way,” wrote Glynis Esmail, VP of sales and marketing for The Kahala, in an e-mail to DMNews. “Our partnership with ClickSquared will give us the ability to understand and ‘know’ our guests at an even deeper level, and that knowledge can be disseminated company-wide. More comprehensive guest information will give us insight as to who our guests are, what our guests are interested in, and how best to allocate our marketing budget.”

Guests at The Kahala, a resort on a secluded beach, tend to be well-traveled and interested in luxury experiences. By better understanding current clients, Esmail said, she hopes to be able to attract new guests that are similar to the hotel’s best customers.

The Kahala just finished building its new integrated marketing database and is now in the process of finalizing its marketing programs. Once the programs are launched, The Kahala will use ClickSquared’s customized reporting to judge their success and determine where revisions are needed.

ClickSquared, an interactive, multichannel marketing company, has worked on acquisition, growth and loyalty programs for such clients as the Boston Celtics, Comcast and Omni Hotels.

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