The Good, the Bad, and the Video Email

Advanced technology has provided many businesses with great opportunities to spread their messages. Through social media platforms, designer blogs, attractive websites, and email marketing campaigns, businesses are seeing multiple returns from the online marketing industry. One technique that’s gaining popularity both on the Internet and in the marketing industry nowadays is video email marketing. With its versatility and user-friendly features, this marketing technique has the potential to drive website traffic and dramatically increase returns.

By utilizing digital video technology, businesses are able to embed a short video message into an email. This presents an incredible opportunity for branding, personalizing, and engaging the customer base. Businesses large and small can utilize this cutting-edge marketing strategy at a variety of available costs. However, just as the old, old saying goes, every coin has two sides and you may need to have a look at both sides of video email before actually including it into your marketing plan.

Using video email to your advantage

As mentioned above, video email clearly has its advantages.

First, video emails allow for a personal touch where regular text does not. Viewers are able to put a face or voice to the company and associate the business with real people.  Allowing the viewer to hear the voice or see the people involved with the company or product creates a true personal connection that helps to inspire brand loyalty.  Spokespeople are also able to add an element of passion and use animated expressions to engage the viewer.

Second, video email can greatly help with viewer comprehension. For some products or services, the idea may not be simple enough to convey through text content. In these instances, having a visual and verbal depiction of the product may allow email recipients to have a better understanding of the concept or product. Additionally, some users may find it easier to simply click “play” and watch a video about a product than to read about it.

Finally, when designed correctly, video emails can be easily shared through a variety of platforms. For small businesses, this free marketing and advertising is an incredible benefit. After all, this is what marketing is all about. Many social media sites allow for easy sharing. Businesses should invest in video email solutions that offer easy and accessible consumer sharing options to maximize this benefit. In many cases, the sharing capabilities will be noted with a small social media icon. Readers need only click the icon to have the video broadcast through their social media account.

Disadvantages of video email

Video email marketing also has its disadvantages. For some recipients, their Internet capabilities may not support video viewing. For others, video email marketing may be seen as a nuisance when they would rather just read the information. Similarly, some businesses may face limitations such as bandwidth, video length restrictions, and the inability to provide additional attachments. Some consumer complaints also indicate that certain video email marketing systems incorporate additional ads, may be too costly, or may be too complicated. For these email recipients and small businesses, video emails may not be the most effective marketing solution.

As with any marketing product or online marketing strategy, businesses should thoroughly research their needs and compare the results with the marketing method. While video email marketing may not be the solution of choice for one company, another business may find that it successfully bridges its marketing gap and provides the return on investment the company needs.

Sophia Myles is a product specialist with Comm100 email marketing team.

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