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The data are coming, the data are coming!

Every professional involved in direct marketing is fully aware that there is no turning back to the “good old days” where data was only secured through a limited number of channels such as postal direct mail, telemarketing and alternative media. 
Today, there are so many new and dynamics sources of data to be considered. Online secured data sourced from registrations, surveys and lifestyle interest trigger activities should certainly be tested and evaluated as a valuable and respected source for unique data selections and demographic information where real-time, daily, weekly, and monthly hotline leads can be provided. 
Many online sources offer truly unique data elements that are not available through traditional direct mail sources. 
An example would be for hard-to-find automotive data such as make, model and year information. Individuals provide this data as they register this information when they are considering the purchase of an extended auto warranty and collected by companies selling such a plan.
In addition to online secured data, the mobile phone or “third screen” will soon become another valuable source of data for marketers to use. Consider for a moment, being able to purchase movie tickets via your cell phone and charging the transaction to your credit card. The technology identified as an early adapter. Just think of the marketing possibilities from this new and exciting source. Place-based media, or the “fourth screen,” will also mature and become yet another very valuable resource for the collection of data and customer behavior responses.
The viewing of marketing offers on a kiosk or plasma screens strategically placed in public places with a trigger action will offer marketers a whole range of new prospects to whom to solicit.
I foresee a multitude of new sources of data being integrated into the traditional direct marketing landscape.
We are entering a new era and source of non-traditional data. It represents an opportunity for list brokers and list managers to embrace the new technology that will yield us valuable new prospects for our clients to use and experience success in their campaigns.

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