The Big Unveil of Experian Marketing Services’ Marketing Suite

During a keynote session at Experian Marketing Services’ 2014 Client Summit in Las Vegas, the consumer insights and marketing services company launched its Experian Marketing Suite. The end-to-end solution is designed to provide Experian customers with “the most actionable, complete, and current customer information” available to them, said Emad Georgy, SVP, global product development, cross-channel marketing. This comprehensive data, he added, would provide the single view of the customer that is core to marketing success.

“Our goal the past year is to help our customers break down silos,” said Mark Picone, SVP, global product development, consumer insights and targeting. The Experian Marketing Suite, he said, is the result of that objective.

The Marketing Suite is designed to help marketers better identify customers across channels, profile them, and provide additional data that not only helps to create a richer picture of individual customers, but also to help Experian clients find prospects based on profiles of their best customers. The suite “adds thousands of data elements,” that marketers could potentially add to customer profiles, but just shows users the data most relevant so they’re not overwhelmed, Picone explained. Georgy added that marketers will get the information they need at the right time and in real time, enabling them to better create personalized communications and interactions.

The Experian Marketing Suite comprises three integrated elements:

Identity manager, which is designed to help marketers build a holistic view of customers through integrated first-party, Experian, and market data, as well as connecting cross-channel customer data that’s linked via a persistent ID.

Intelligence manager, which aims to help marketers to create customer profiles that provide a better understanding customer behaviors and preferences, as well as improve targeting and hone messaging.

Interactions manager, which is designed to help marketers interact smartly across channels through improved campaign management, analysis focused on optimizing performance, and campaign attribution.

“Our Experian Marketing Suite empowers brands to deliver higher customer lifetime value and benefit from long-term profitability,” Matt Seeley, president of Experian Marketing Services, said in a statement about the product.

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