The 6 standout ads of 2013 (and what each one says about the brand)

With the 2013 coming to a close, let’s take a moment to look back on a few of the standout ads of the year, and what the creative says about the brand:


Coca Cola’s recent Argentinian ad from Argentina pays homage to the joys of parenting while effectively integrating its “Coke Life” product within a story that is familiar, hilarious, and heartwarming.

What it says about the brand: Coca Cola is there to sweeten life’s moments – from the most difficult to the most wonderful.


Guinness’ wheelchair basketball ad draws us in with a competitive match among friends, all of whom play from wheelchairs, already breaking from the typical portrayal of athletics in ads. In the end, it is revealed that only one of the friends needs the wheelchair, and that the others simply join him as an act of solidarity. Post-game, they enjoy pints of Guinness at a pub, and seated, are once again all at the “same level” as they were in the game.

What it says about the brand: Guinness stands for friendship, unity, and tradition.


With one simple pun, Kmart’s “ship my pants” ad brilliantly leverages comedy to draw attention to their free shipping offering, but in doing so, it actually brings greater value to the overarching Kmart brand in serving up a sense of humor and brand personality that differentiates it from its competitors.

What it says about the brand: Kmart is stepping up its game to get consumers to think of the brand as more edgy and funny.


Channeling the ghost of Marilyn Monroe was a bold move, but it was a move that only Chanel could make. Although the ad is a video spot, the focus is on the audio track, a never before heard recording of Monroe discussing an interview in which she famously named Chanel No. 5 as the thing she wears to bed.

What it says about the brand: Chanel is classic, sexy, and iconic.


Jetta’s adorable commercial for its sophisticated keyless technology features a guilty bulldog that has swallowed his owner’s car keys, and it’s pretty much the cutest (and most accurate) depiction of a bulldog in a TV ad, ever.

What it says about the brand: Jetta’s innovative technology not only works, but can literally save the day.


In Google’s “Zeitgeist” ad, a video amalgamation of the most searched-for moments serves as a universal yearbook for 2013. Acknowledging the tragic adjacent to the wonderful creates a bittersweet, moving tribute that everyone can relate to, and reminds us that Google is the center of the information universe.  An interactive web experience accompanies the video ad, and allows users to browse the top searches of the year:

What it says about the brand: Google is the great connector of the internet age, and through this, will become the great archive – the Library of Alexandria for the digital world (minus the fire).

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