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The 5 must-have apps for marketers on the new iPhone

With Apple’s new, larger iPhones becoming available last week, social media feeds are abuzz with discussions on the pros and cons of the larger screens, new software functionality and whether to download the iOS 8 operating system.  

“The iPhone 5S screen is about as tall as a credit card is wide, and the iPhone 6+ screen is as tall as a Pop-Tart,” says Neil Young, CEO of N3TWORK, a start-up that has created the first personal TV network for Internet video. Downing coffees from Blue Bottle, wearing hoodies and filling up on burritos from food trucks, developers and engineers around the country have been pulling all nighters to meet submission deadlines for updated iOS 8 apps. Behind-the-scenes, company wide emails are sent and high fives given when submissions go from “pending” to “approved.” 

Like the wizard behind a curtain in Oz, the iTunes store switched over this week to highlight the best new apps for iOS 8.  As you’ll see, many take advantage of new sharing, fingerprint password access and keyboard functionality.  Here are five must-have apps for marketers on the new operating system;

1.       Evernote. The new version of the iOS 8 app includes three new functions useful to marketers. The first is web clipping. If you’re on a webpage that you want to save you can tap and save directly into Evernote. Looks like I can stop taking screen shots and saving web pages to my camera roll. Second, you can now unlock Evernote with you fingertip on devices that support Touch ID or fingerprint scanning.

2.       Box. This app was highlighted at the World Wide Developer Conference and updated for iOS 8 taking advantage of App Extensions. The key benefit is that you can move files from Box into other applications. For example, as noted in TechCrunch, “the company recently kicked off an integration with Office 365.”

3.       SwiftKey. The App has been available on Android and is now on iOS 8.  The makers of the App noted, “..is a smart keyboard that learns from you, replacing your device’s built-in keyboard with one that adapts to they way you type.” This sounds like a winner for the larger phablet-sized iPhones. I wonder if I’ll find myself spending less time with Siri, my constant companion for emails and text messages?

4.       Product Hunt. This App doesn’t have any new iOS 8 functionality, but it is a darling in the tech scene with a recently closed a reported $6 million dollar round of funding. For the marketer that is tech-aware, this is an app you should watch to see a round up daily tech product and app introductions. It’s like a Reddit for products and apps.

5.       N3TWORK. N3TWORK launched in late August and recently updated it’s offering with a new iOS 8 version of their app that works on iPhone, iPad and on Apple TV. Marketers can use this App to extend the reach of their video content and to build a personal brand channel based on a #hashtag. For example, Funny or Die and vlogger @Sunnylenarduzzi have created channels on the platform that can be viewed at #funnyordie or #sunnylenarduzzi.

Disclosure: Porter is an advisor or investor in Accompani, AirPR, Hint Water, N3TWORK, PunchTab, Reveal Chat, RouteHappy, Here On Biz, Sumazi, WePay and Zozi. 

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