Thane Rents Out BioSlim List

Thane International Inc., a DRTV marketing company in LaQuinta, CA, began renting its list of buyers of the BioSlim weight-loss system to direct mailers and telemarketers this month.

Country Marketing Ltd., a privately held list management and brokerage firm in Ilion, NY, that specializes in diet and health lists, is brokering the new list, which consists of 306,000 one-step buyers.

The BioSlim system has enjoyed a healthy run in long form marketing, with a position at the top of some infomercial rankings. The company claims that the average unit of sale is $89.85, more than the $29.95 to $39.95 range seen in TV offers.

“On a scale of one to 10, this list is definitely a 9 1/2,” said Joe Russo, vice president, Country Marketing. “We'd say it would be a 10 if it was direct mail sold, as opposed through TV. Some direct mail companies want to rent files that are direct mail sold.”

The list consists of 260,000 buyers from last year, selling for $95 a thousand names, and 46,000 from January, selling for $100 a thousand names. Phone numbers are renting for $250 a thousand.

“As far as outbound telemarketing goes, we'll rent the phone numbers out about three times a month,” Russo said. “Probably a magazine telemarketer will use it, a credit card telemarketer and a secure card telemarketer.”

The most likely renters of the list are expected to be marketers of diet, health and fitness products. Eighty-five percent of the names are women.

“These people are highly impulsive; they want to get results for doing absolutely nothing,” Russo said. “They want to eat a rock and be 20 pounds lighter tomorrow. They'll spend to get the results fast. If they try one diet, they're going to try 10 others.”

Ninety percent of them buy with a credit card, the average age of the buyer is between 35 and 55, and the average household income is mid-range (HOW MUCH IS MID-RANGE?)

“The size of this file makes it very attractive. We can go into that and break it out into four or five different lists,” Russo said. “Size does matter.”

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