Thane Direct Begins DRTV Shopping Channel in Middle East

Thane Direct, Toronto, the international distribution arm of electronic direct marketer Thane Inc., La Quinta, CA, yesterday said it launched the Thane Direct Shop Around the Clock 24-hour DRTV shopping channel in the Middle East.

The channel began operation Nov. 1. It features cosmetics, health and fitness products from Thane's DRTV line and third-party suppliers. All infomercials and DRTV spots on the channel are broadcast in Arabic.

Thane Direct Shop Around the Clock can be seen in Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Syria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Tunisia. It was modeled after a British version of the channel that launched in April.

Thane Direct has aired infomercials and DRTV spots across a range of pan-Arabic media in nations such as Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia since 1998. In that time, Thane Direct has aired an average of 250 infomercials weekly for products such as Body Vibes, Tae Bo, Tap Light, Ab Doer, Ab Tronic, Bun & Thigh Isolator, Orbitrek, Pest Offense, Oxi Clean and Tuxedo Painter.

Shop Around the Clock has reached 2 million households in its first three weeks. Local distributors in 16 Middle Eastern nations are shipping products advertised on the channel.

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