Terminus Expands ABM Offering, With Greater Focus On Intent

Terminus, an Atlanta-based startup specializing in ABM, unveiled its expanded platform Wednesday, Aug. 8, with the goal of strengthening ties between sales and marketing processes by bringing engagement data, attribution, and ABM capabilities under one roof.

The new offering follows the company’s acquisition of Brightfunnel, a B2B marketing analytics and attribution solution, in early 2018.

The three-solution approach combines Terminus’s longstanding account-based advertising capabilities (what the company was grounded on since its 2014 launch) with extended engagement analytics and measurement based on intent. Sales teams will also have greater visibility of account-based engagement data through their CRM.

 According to Sangram Vajre, chief evangelist, co-founder, Terminus, the new platform will allow marketers to create curated account lists based on first- and third-party data and prioritize those lists based on the level of intent and engagement of target customers.

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“One of the biggest challenges for our customers was that they just didn’t know which accounts to prioritize. They understood they needed to create a list of accounts, but they didn’t know how to prioritize, and what were the triggers to prioritize,” Vajre said. “So how many customers are searching with your information, or with the keywords that are specifically around the product that you’re selling, in the industry that you’re in.”

Once those lists are created, marketers can then work on creative campaigns, whether it’s through display advertising, Linkedin Sponsored Content, direct mail, video, or email nurture programs.

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On the sales side, Terminus will be able to provide anonymous website traffic information, pulling information aggregated from various sources, to identify which accounts are most engaged at a given time. Data can be filtered for reporting across CRM, marketing automation, and third-party data sources, and can provide insight into which campaigns are driving the most revenue through each step of the pipeline.

The move toward a platform-based approach reminds me of a conversation had at TOPO earlier this year, between Terminus CEO Eric Spett, Demandbase CEO Chris Golec, and other leaders in the ABM space. Golec suggested that from a martech perspective, individualized solutions would broaden horizons, and services, through a platform approach — either through consolidation, or product development. It seems Terminus is doing just that.

Stay tuned as I continue to learn more about where ABM is heading at #FlipMyFunnel this week.

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