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Teramedia releases new Home and Work file

Teramedia, Orlando, FL, has released a new-to-market Home and Work file of small business owners at their home addresses.

The list is comprised of 845,254 postal addresses and 678,425 e-mail addresses at $85/M. Telephone numbers are also available.

The list has been enhanced with more than 80 demographic and lifestyle segments.

The file is checked with the National Change of Address database and the federal Do Not Call list.

This list is made up of small business owners who have purchased business-related goods and services or responded to targeted business offers. These are business owners who employ five employees or less and actively operate a business which is located outside of their home.

They can be prospects for seminars, credit and loan opportunities and insurance.

In addition, they can be targeted with offers that are aligned with their leisure time activities such as golf, travel, sports and shopping.

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