Teramedia boosts lists opportunities with e-mail offering

Teramedia has launched revenueBooster, a way for list compilers and list managers to add opt-in e-mails, a turnkey e-mail fulfillment and expand revenue stream without lifting a finger or spending a dime.

Scott Hardigree, chief marketing officer at Teramedia, Orlando, FL, said that because cross-channel campaigns have been proven effective, the demand for multichannel lists have soared.

“With revenueBooster any list manager and list compiler can securely and quickly add e-mail and e-mail fulfillment to their lists, as well as the revenue streams associated, at no risk, no effort and no cost,” Mr. Hardigree said.

The rising cost of postage makes it important to add e-mail to the mix. However, there are some challenges that marketers can face with e-mail such as obtaining addresses for a sizable number of customers and the complexity of e-mail deliverability.

” The problem is easily overcome with revenue Booster, which quickly appends e-mail addresses to your lists and makes them ready for deployment through TeraMail within 24 hours,” Mr. Hardigree said.

A few smaller players have addressed a few of the needs of list owners, managers and compliers, he said.

“Only Teramedia has put all of the required elements together,” Mr. Hardigree said, “such as secure and rapid e-mail appending, high-match rates, proven deliverability, and a turnkey solution.”

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