Tempur-Pedic launches ‘Welcome to Bed’ campaign

Tempur-Pedic International Inc., a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of mattresses and pillows, unveiled a marketing program that highlights new television advertising designed to broaden the company’s consumer reach.

Relying on exhaustive consumer and industry research, Lexington, KY-based Tempur-Pedic’s integrated brand campaign will emphasize the connection between sleep and wellness.

Developed by The Acme Idea Company, Norwalk, CT, the campaign uses the tagline “Welcome to Bed,” positioning Tempur-Pedic products as “night time therapy for body and mind.” The specific benefits of comfort, pain- and stress-relief provided by Tempur-Pedic’s patented pressure-relieving material are also highlighted.

The company has had success leveraging product innovations and brand strength to help lead the growth of the premium mattress market, and this latest branding initiative brings to light those connections in a more consumer-friendly way.

The program direction was created after months of studying consumer preferences and buying habits, as well as researching retail trends and category dynamics. The resulting advertising campaign will appear on TV and in magazines this month.

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