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TeleTech Renews HP Contract for Europe

Customer relationship management provider TeleTech Holdings renewed a multi-year agreement with Hewlett-Packard yesterday to provide inbound sales and customer support for the technology company's European operations.

Denver-based TeleTech will provide inbound support for online direct sales of Hewlett-Packard products as well as literature fulfillment and sales-lead acquisition for resellers of Hewlett-Packard products. In addition, TeleTech will continue to act as the first contact point for Hewlett-Packard customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland requiring help-desk assistance, routing callers to the proper department based on their needs.

Further details about the contract renewal were not disclosed. TeleTech did not specify the length of its renewed contract with Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA.

TeleTech operates 43 contact centers worldwide, including 26 centers outside the United States. The company has 23,000 employees.

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