Telematch and Phoenix consolidate as ‘Relevate’

Data and information services company Telematch combined its business units Telematch and Phoenix Data Processing on October 7 under the new brand Relevate.

The company combined the words “relate” and “elevate” to reflect the Springfield, VA–based company’s growing data offerings and delivery platforms and to better position the firm for future growth.

Telematch has expanded rapidly in recent years through acquisitions and partnerships. Besides acquiring Phoenix last May, it also bought Market ID, an agricultural data company, in June 2009. It also partnered last month with Meredith to create SFMiD Data Solutions.

“We’ve done a very good job of embracing new technology and constantly enhancing, enriching and bringing on talent, but have done a poor job of shouting about it,” said Peg Kuman, CEO of Relevate.

The Relevate name was developed after a year-long market research effort and feedback from the company’s top clients. The company will promote the rebranding to better inform potential new customers and to give existing clients a stronger idea of the range of Relevate’s data offerings.

Kuman said the rebranding will not include significant organizational changes, but will serve more as an opportunity to emphasize its turnkey e-mail solutions, digital offerings and multichannel approach, all of which Kuman felt was not clear enough with the name Telematch.

“The tipping point happened at a digital show,” said Kuman. “A young man walked by our booth, squinted his eyes as he looked at our sign and asked, ‘Are you guys a dating service?’ It was time to restate the mission and restate the message.”

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