Teen Community Network’s List Finds Home With VentureDirect

VentureDirect Worldwide has been named manager for a new-to-market list geared toward marketers trying to reach trend-savvy teenagers.

The Surveys4Teens opt-in e-mail list consists of 252,000 teenagers, ages 13-17, who are outgoing, follow trends and love to spend money. These teens opted into receiving online surveys and want their opinions to be heard.

“[What’s special about this list is] it is a targeted group of people who have signed up specifically to participate in surveys,” said Jim Scova, vice president of sales- list services, VentureDirect, New York. “Not only have they opted in, they are willing participants in all kinds of surveys, expanding the knowledge we have on them.”

The file is selectable by gender, age and postal information.

Its base price is $150/M for the opt-in e-mail subscribers.

Surveys4Teens is part of Chicago-based eCrush.com Inc., an entertainment community network for teens and young adults. It operates youth-oriented online destinations like eCRUSH, Surveys4Teens, e-Spin-the-Bottle, HighSchoolStyleBoard and TruthQuiz.

“The survey network decided to go public with this file now because they realize that companies want to know these individuals’ opinions on such topics as upcoming movies, video games, music, beauty and personal grooming products and many more concerns relevant to teen life,” Mr. Scova said.

Other than Surveys4Teens, VentureDirect clients include Fortune Magazine, at&t Business Services, Business Week, Citigroup and Heineken.

The Surveys4Teens file may be useful to organizations trying to solicit for movies, video games, music, beauty offers and products, computer software, clothing offers, vacation packages, cellular phone offers, teen magazines and education-related offers.

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