Technology, Innovation—and Cynicism Dominate Social Conversations About CES

News of self-driving cars, smart washing machines, and, of course, wearables has swept the Web in the wake of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which kicked off Tuesday in Las Vegas. Not surprisingly, much of the social conversation around CES consists of jubilance and wonder. As is often the case with large international events, many people seem enamored with CES on the strength of its scale alone.

While general excitement usually accompanies events of this magnitude, so does cynicism. For CES, this is far from an anomaly. The oddity, however, is the amount of vitriol CES cynics have leveled at marketers; especially considering the role marketing plays in the announcements that have become synonymous with large-scale conventions. The snide comments are easy to disregard, but the sentiment behind them may warrant marketers’ attention.

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