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Tech-Careers Site Goes Job Hunting

On the heels of a name change, career Web site Incpad by Westech, Santa Clara, CA, will launch its first national branding campaign next week aimed at technical companies and career-minded employees.

Foremost, the company wants to increase its client roster of major tech employers with radio, television, billboard, magazine and e-mail ads aimed at high-tech markets, including New York and Dallas.

Incpad, part of the job-fair company Westech Inc., also looks to promote itself among technical professionals after recently changing its name from Westech Virtual Job Fair.

In comparison to multiple-career sites such as Monster.com, Incpad focuses only on the technical employment market with job postings, trade articles and industry-oriented humor.

“We want to be the place where techies go for techie news and techie humor, and techie jobs and that’s it,” said president/CEO Joan Sills. “I think what Monster.com has done is great. But the funny thing is, the more they branch out, the more clear our niche becomes, and the better it is for us.”

The growth of the Internet has helped Incpad by creating thousands of new technical positions. Sills said the ad campaign comes at a time when an estimated 700,000 technical jobs need to be filled.

“Companies that need tech professionals are almost on a continuous search these days,” she said. “They are starting to look at themselves as competitors for the employee market.”

Internet voice mail company eVoice, Menlo Park, CA, has posted job openings on Incpad since it began operations seven months ago. Company spokesman Marty Tacktill said the investment has been worth it because eVoice has hired five people through Incpad.

“I remember dogging through résumés until I finally found the right one,” Tacktill said. “Now I can type in ‘xyz’ and it will find résumés with the key skills that I’m looking for.”

Sills said the company received 1.8 million visits in November. With the added help of the ad campaign, she said, such results would draw employers who wanted to brand their company name among industry professionals.

“Employers are attracted to our site because they know by our viewer rates that techies have a relationship with our site that goes beyond looking for jobs,” Sills said. “[Incpad] gives employers the opportunity to also develop a relationship with techies who may want to work for other companies down the road.”

The company allows tech professionals to post résumés and other documents after becoming members of the Web site by providing their occupation, address and other information. The company reports that daily it gains 1,500 new or updated résumés to its running total of 220,000.

James Sale, senior vice president at Incpad, said the key to the company’s success has been its ability to market itself to the “techie culture.” He said the new ads will focus on Incpad’s commitment to providing the latest technical information to job hunters.

“Staying on top of things is a big part of what we offer,” Sale said. “We feel like we’ve revolutionized the online recruiting game in this way.”

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