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Tech Marketers Shine on Forbes’ Most Influential CMOs List

Forbes has released its 2017 50 Most Influential CMOs list and, unsurprisingly, many of the spots went to CMOs in tech. 

Apple’s Phil Schiller and Twitter’s Leslie Berland each placed in the top 10.  Adobe’s Ann Lewnes took the 14th spot, but 15 went to SAP, a prolific provider of a variety of business solutions, including machine learning, IoT, and data cloud platforms. Accenture’s Roxanne Taylor also placed on the list at 37. 

Other CMOs of note for marketers include IBM’s Michelle Peluso (36), Facebook’s Gary Briggs (21) , Jeremy Burton of Dell (13), Microsoft’s Chris Capossela (11), Cisco’s Karen Walker (10), AirBnB’s Jonathan Mildenhall (8), and Antonio Lucio from HP (2). The top spot went to Unilever’s Keith Weed. 

Forbes compiled the list with help from LinkedIn and Sprinklr. CMOs were selected using a complex mix of data and social analysis, but were broadly chosen based on how they are working to be the CMOs of tomorrow, according to the list itself. Reaching that goal requires curiosity, courage, and an adaptability to what they see and hear in the market and on social.

 The full list is available here.

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