Tech marketers favor branded content sites over search, networks

Technology marketers plan to put more half of the budget into digital in 2011. They’ll also favor branded content sites over other media, according to a survey from the International Data Group, a technology media, events and research company.

Tech-sector marketers said 52% of their media budgets will go to digital marketing, and 63% said they expect to increase their spending “moderately” next year. Technology marketers also said that 41% of their digital spending goes towards branded content sites, while nearly one-quarter (24%) goes to search and 21% is spent on ad networks.

Six in 10 (60%) respondents also said they will invest in mobile next year.

“Most [consumers are] engaged with tech content sites, which outranked search,” said Janet King, general manager and VP at IDG.

Thirty percent of respondents said the biggest barrier to using mobile advertising is that the sample size is too small to prove ROI. However, 40% said that the biggest benefit is being “perceived as a cool, leading edge brand.” Only 17% of respondents “great sponsorship opportunities” are available via mobile.

IDG interviewed 100 marketers for the survey – 48 technology vendors and 52 agency representatives – during August and September.

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