Tech Campaign, Winner: Prezi

This program delivers outstanding personalized onboarding experiences in nine languages for more than 75 million Prezi users. It has driven impressive results, including significant year-over-year lifts in both product use and license renewals.

With only one person dedicated to email marketing, and shared copy and design resources, it was critical for Prezi to develop a program that could onboard new customers and surface help related content at the correct time in the user journey to minimize support tickets.

Extensive quantitative and qualitative research uncovered what users needed to get the most out of the platform. Those results combined with product behavioral data informed content creation. Ultimately, the team created 35 emails, each with different messaging variations based on user’s license type and payment status, and a total of eight different lifecycle programs.  

Compared to the company’s previous onboarding program, this effort has resulted in a 100% increase in activation rate increase and a 23% jump in unique clicks/unique opens.

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