Tealeaf adds to customer analytics offerings

Online customer experience management (CEM) company Tealeaf has released Tealeaf CxResults and updated its core Datastore and CxConnect tools. It has also formed a best practices partner network called ViaTealeaf.

“One thing we’ve seen over the past eight months is that customer experience has been on the agenda,” especially because e-commerce is popular for many businesses, said Geoff Galat, VP of marketing and product strategy for Tealeaf. “Maintaining customers, managing them better and making sure that acquisition programs actually work at the rate they need to be successful is important.”

Tealeaf CxResults aids companies in customer behavior analysis by showing patterns of behavior across multiple Web site visits. The product also provides analytics and search capabilities.

“For us to help our customers analyze these sites, we can’t look at just discrete individual visits; we also have to look at the overall experience and see if that was successful,” said John Dawes, VP of product management for Tealeaf. “It’s very much about the sequence of steps, trying to do things multiple times, so we [not only] enhanced the product to search for individual things but to look for patterns of behavior as well.”

Among other updates, CxConnect now includes modules for packaged integrations with Web analytics, voice of the customer and data analysis. Tealeaf CX has added support for multilingual sites and central management – pieces that, Dawes pointed out, are important for the growing number of international businesses in the marketplace.

The ViaTealeaf partner network allows clients to integrate Tealeaf products and services with those from other companies. The 12-member Network includes technology providers such as Omniture and SAS along with consulting partners like Stratigent.

Tealeaf clients span multiple verticals, including financial services, retail, travel providers, insurance and telecoms.

All new products and updated products became commercially available on May 6; many have been in beta testing with client companies for several months.

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