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Targeting, Taps and Total Sales

Until recently, lack of accurate and precise mobile ad measurement held back spending and relegated mobile advertising to little more than testing.  Now it’s possible to target and measure your mobile advertising in the same way you measure other media channels, unlocking mobile ad budgets to a predicted $7 billion in 2014.

When it comes to mobile ad platforms, you have options and lots of them.  But with so many promoting their own “unique” attribution methods, how do you know which one is right for your needs? And will it give you the information you need to justify your mobile ad budget?

Getting beneath the hype and promises to understand what is really possible is a challenge for even the most sophisticated marketers and media planners. Attend this webinar and learn everything you need to know about measuring mobile advertising, including:

  • Why it’s important to measure your mobile advertising
  • What can and should you measure
  • How to accurately measure the most meaningful yet challenging mobile ad metrics—online andoffline sales
  • The difference between a Place Visit Rate™, Cash Register Ring™ rate and Mobile AdInsights® —and  what each measures plus where all of the most popular and trendy metrics fit in the mobile measurement spectrum
  • A simple technique to cut through the jargon and clever brand names, and really understand their true meaning and value to your brand

This webinar is a must for brand managers, media planners and strategists responsible for mobile advertising budgets.  In just 60 minutes, you’ll know how to ensure your media dollars are invested wisely

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