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Targeted Advertising for B2B

Most marketers agree that personalized messages are far more effective than generic “spray and pray” ones. In B2C, digital channels have opened up new possibilities for personalization that have largely eluded B2B marketers. But now there is a way to achieve truly tailored and targeted B2B marketing.

The problem facing B2B marketers is that they have not been given the same tools and capabilities available for B2C marketers to reach people on more than 500 channels available. That’s because they don’t have integrated data on the people they need to target, which hampers their addressable audience and reach.

The 2016 Forrester Report, “B2B Budget Plans Show That It’s Time For A Digital Wake-Up Call,” found that even though two-thirds of B2Bs indicated they would be increasing their digital budgets within the year, only about one-fifth considered their teams truly adept at leveraging data and insights for effective digital campaigns. 

Darian Shirazi, CEO and cofounder of Radius, a leader in connecting B2B data and intelligence spoke with me about the big challenge that B2B marketers have had in trying to target a CIO. Without insight into where the CIO is, they were usually limited on digital channels with what they could obtain through Demandbase or LinkedIn.

According to Shirazi, they really needed the ability to “target business contacts across every single channel” the way B2C marketers do. And that is what Radius Advertiser promises to deliver in the form of precision targeting capabilities for B2B digital advertising.

“This is the beginning of enabling the B2B marketer to behave like and have the options that B2C had for years,” Shirazi says.

This makes it possible for the B2B marketers to advance from the “traditional methods like email marketing and billboards” that they’ve had to resort to for the past two decades and move fully into personalized digital ads.

“That’s a very big shift,” says Shirazi.

Radius Advertiser is the product of the partnership between Radius and LiveRamp, a leader in providing omnichannel identity resolution, that was announced on November 2.

The combination of data allows Radius customers to expand digital channels to new channels like Adobe Audience Manager, BlueKai, Krux, Neustar, AppNexus, MediaMath, Adroll and others. That gives them the capability to achieve the following:

  • Expanded Digital Reach: Access match rates of over 60% on average by joining consumer and business profiles powered by Radius’ Network of RecordTM

  • Precise Targeting: Harness thousands of business attributes to hyper-segment audiences and personalize messaging to your best prospects to improve conversions rates

  • Orchestrated Omnichannel Campaigns: Access 500+ digital channels alongside Radius’ data, intelligence and CRM and marketing automation integrations to reach buyers wherever they are.

According to the data compiled by LiveRamp, that translates into an increase in digital reach from the typical 20-30% to over 60% on average. This gives marketers options to set greater parameters and kick up campaigns to all who fit that profile through various channels. Customers then “pay for integrations and destinations they want to send to.”

Shirazi, who is all too familiar with the digital media space, believes “there’s no way to spend enough money on digital for it to be worth it without this.” For B2B marketers, Radius changes the game by making targeted digital ads for B2B valuable again.

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