Talkin’ Chocolate: Godiva Is Valentine’s Leading Socialite

The odds for winning the PowerBall lottery are one in 175 million, and last week three people shared a near $564 million jackpot. At standard odds, that would require nearly half a trillion entries. The moral for marketers: People love sweepstakes.

The Godiva and Ghirardelli chocolate companies proved that out this week, as well. Both sponsored Valentine’s Day sweepstakes on social media and both landed atop the social media engagement rankings. Godiva was the number one chocolate brand on Twitter and second on Facebook. Ghirardelli led the Facebook rankings and came in fifth on Twitter, according to Engagement Labs, whose eValue scoring process measured engagement, impact, and responsiveness of top confectionery brands on social media from February 4-14.

“Our team looked at how Godiva leveraged their sweepstakes by using the hashtag #GodivaWinSweeps to encourage their followers to share the tweet to be eligible to win,” said Bryan Segal, CEO, Engagement Labs. “Godiva doesn’t just step it up for Valentine’s Day, it develops sustained campaigns to engage chocolate lovers all year long and to keep them coming back for more.”

The overall rankings:

 Source: Engagement Labs

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