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Talisma adds deep analytics to offering

To enhance its customer interaction management platform, Talisma Corp. has partnered with analytics firm ClickFox.

Talisma provides customer interaction management software to a variety of businesses, with a heavy focus on clients in the financial industry. The company will now offer ClickFox’s analytics software as an optional addition to its platform.

“ClickFox enables us to do superior cross-channel analytics,” said Brad Birnbaum, chief technology officer at Talisma. “It allows us to see the paths customers take across every interaction touchpoint they may have, including IVRs, chat, e-mail and even the point-of-sales terminals in stores. We can get the full picture of how the customer chooses to interface with that company.”

ClickFox’s product visually maps each point of customer interaction across channels. The product will couple Talisma’s analytics with a behavioral DNA platform and integrate all analytics into a broader data warehouse that includes third-party data systems. Executives from both companies predict that the partnership will help clients better serve their customers and cut down on costs.

The two companies have some mutual clients, including AOL, Sprint and eBay, and the sales teams will work together to promote this offer.

“One item we’re pretty proud of in this relationship is that we don’t believe anyone else in the industry can combine multiple levels of channels like we can,” noted Birnbaum. “We view this as a significant competitive advantage.”

Talisma, located in Bellevue, WA, is projected to have 1,000 customers by the end of this quarter. The company recently enjoyed a string of wins in the financial services industry, including Royal Bank of Canada.

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