Tactics to enhance your DRTV investment

Direct response television is effective in generating immediate revenue results and helping build brand awareness. Every company is focused on the bottom line. Nielsen ratings — at their best — are an inexact science, while DRTV is measurable. DRTV marketers know exactly who their audience is — names, addresses and phone numbers, not just their general demographic categories. Here are four ways traditional advertisers can best take advantage of DRTV:?

  1. DRTV has a positive impact on retail sales. Consumers have come to embrace DRTV as a major platform for purchasing products and services. Because of that broadcast exposure, a sizable number will see the DRTV message and opt to purchase the product in the store. ?Therefore, No. 1 on the hit list should be tagging DRTV spots with the identity of retailers carrying the product. Don’t forget to advise retailers that you are supporting the product with TV. ?
  2. Get ready for an online response. Marketers tend to have a baseline average of sales online, and that number will invariably spike with a DRTV campaign. To maximize the site’s DRTV revenues, make sure the landing page is consistent with DRTV messages. ?The site should function as an extension of the DRTV campaign — apply graphics, spokesperson and messages that mirror the TV spot. It’s also important to keep the offer front and center on the home page, with a straight path to purchase the product.?
  3. The DRTV campaign can augment direct mail and couponing initiatives. You can easily dovetail your current promotions within your DRTV program and change them as often as necessary during the campaign flight. Tie it all together by referencing that particular promotion on the website. ?
  4. You can upsell within your call center too. Once call center operators close the primary sale, gauge the customers’ interest in one or two products or services from your catalog.
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