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Taco Bell becomes the first brand to use Snapchat ‘Stories’

Taco Bell is one of the few brands to have embraced Snapchat from the start. Now it’s one of the first brands to take advantage of the release of Snapchat ‘Stories’ where users can share multimedia that lasts for a day.

This is a big change from previous uses of Snapchat, where you could only send a picture that auto-deleted in 10 seconds or less, (hence its popularity as a “sexting” tool.) With Stories, users can send more coherent, creative narratives, and as Taco Bell shows, it’s not a bad option for brands either.

Taco Bell’s Snapchat “Story” is basically images of a young couple making a Taco Bell run, with Taco Bell using Snapchat’s graffiti feature to scribble on the photos. Here’s what they look like. Are they massively creative? Not really. But it’s a start. And hopefully Snapchat will find a way to make the quality of the images better. Till then, Taco Bell gets points for being an early adopter of this new, and fast growing social media platform.


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