Sysomos Expion Expands Its Social Media Management


In an effort to help small- and medium-size brands manage their social media accounts more efficiently, Sysomos recently announced a pair of offerings for its Sysomos Expion technology: Essentials and Expert levels.

The new pricing levels allow smaller brands to access the social media management technology that was formerly reserved for large enterprises. In turn, this move aims to help the proverbial little guy master social media management and compete with top global brands.

The two levels—in addition to Enterprise, the solution for large companies—will give users the ability to discover and publish content, engage audiences, track competitors, and measure ROI. Each tier’s capabilities are broken down as follows:

“We’re really proud about today’s announcement as it allows us to open up our industry-leading social media management software to a new group of users and allow them to master their social media efforts,” the company said in a blog post.

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