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Syracuse hotel transformation sparks optimism in local businesses

Hotel Transformation
Hotel Transformation

In Syracuse, New York, a significant transformation is underway as the Crowne Plaza Hotel is set to be repurposed into an apartment complex, resulting in a decrease of hotel rooms in the city by hundreds.

Local businesses and their owners remain optimistic about this economic change. They maintain a positive outlook, leaning on Syracuse’s unique attractions, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality that consistently draw in visitors from around the globe.

Nicole Brown, owner of The Beady Teacher, points out that tourism has been a driving force in Syracuse’s economic growth due to the presence of universities. She has seen a spike in visitors, including students’ parents and relatives, which has led to increased patronage for businesses like hers.

Brown also underlines the importance of sustainable tourism practices to guarantee the city’s long-term growth and prosperity.

In 2022, data revealed the significant contribution of tourism to local revenue. The convention segment alone resulted in about 52,000 hotel room bookings, which translated into a $25 million boost to the Syracuse economy.

Despite losing 300 hotel rooms due to the Crowne Plaza’s transformation, local business owners are banking on the city’s lively events and attractions to continue attracting visitors.

Syracuse hotel’s shift stirs local business optimism

Their faith lies in these unique features of Syracuse, poised to counterbalance the reduced accommodation influx.

County officers are now contemplating building a hotel to serve the OnCenter. Local entrepreneur Michael Heagerty remains confident in the resilience of local businesses amidst these changes. He sees tourism as a way to showcase Syracuse’s unique offerings and is hopeful that the community’s authenticity will be prominently featured to visitors.

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