Swiss Post Promotes DM Guidebook

Swiss Post International, the international business unit of Swiss Post, began a direct mail campaign last month promoting its Direct Marketing Passport to Switzerland.

The 116-page guidebook contains information about the Swiss population, economy and media landscape and offers data for use by direct marketers. The Passport is designed to look like the Swiss passport — complete with its red color, white cross and gold print. It is available in German and English.

“People in Switzerland already receive more mailings per capita and per year than the inhabitants of all other European countries,” Swiss Post spokeswoman Martine Reymond said. “But each time a company plans to enter a market beyond its own borders, it must spend considerable time researching the country and its people as well as the rules and rights involved. Swiss Post International has therefore compiled the Direct Marketing Passport, which lists all the aspects that are important for dialogue with your target groups in Switzerland.”

The mailing went to 20,000 direct marketing executives in Germany and Austria. Reymond said Swiss Post didn't send the mailing to current Swiss Post customers “because our objective is to reach international customers who are interested in sending mailings to Switzerland.”

The cover of the mail piece shows a photograph of the Swiss Alps. The inside copy offers information about the Passport in German. The piece includes a business reply card that marketers can send to Swiss Post to receive the guidebook. The mail piece explains that the Passport also can be ordered on the Internet at

Swiss Post also is running an insert in marketing magazines in Germany and Austria and has organized public relations activities to Swiss Post subsidiaries in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom and the United States.

There is no charge to receive the booklet.

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