Suzuki taps Conclusive to test customer communications

American Suzuki Motor Corporation has partnered with Conclusive Marketing to test and analyze its consumer communications strategies.

The analysis, covering combinations of direct mail and e-mail sent to a variety of consumer segments, should be completed by the end of this quarter. More than 50,000 consumers in the Suzuki database and from prospect lists will be tested. Suzuki will use the results in marketing its re-launched RMZ and Hayabusa motorcycles.

“I think their goal is to build a foundation for multichannel communications,” said Larry Daniel, EVP of Conclusive. “Suzuki has issued direct mail, they have been involved in e-platforms, but they want to understand the interplay between the two and coordinate campaigns that take advantage of each other.”

Conclusive worked with Suzuki’s various creative agencies to produce e-mail and direct mail communications, which were issued to customers and prospects. The data management company is also keeping track of purchases inspired by different marketing methods, comparing them to each other and to expectations. It will use this information to make recommendations on which products to market on which channels.

Daniel said the company doesn’t have a particular type of consumer in mind.

“It’s really not, ‘This is the audience we want,’ as much as a desire to fully understand the audience to whom our products already appeal,” he explained. “Suzuki has nearly a dozen bikes and they really do run the gamut of interest for the consumer, so the goal is understanding that matching of who responds to these products, how we best understand the market that will give consideration to each product and which product we really want to bring to their attention.”

ASMC sells motorcycles and ATVs through a dealer network that extends across 49 states. Daniel said many of Conclusive’s customers have large, spread-out networks that require many levels of data aggregation.

Conclusive Marketing provides data management, data intelligence and data delivery services to more than 2,000 companies. A majority of the company’s clients hail from the automotive, franchise and financial service sectors.

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