Survey: Less than half the Fortune Global 100 websites are optimized for mobile

Digital marketing starts at home, and if your home page isn’t at least optimized for mobile, you’re already way behind. I mean, it’s 2014 right? Mobile traffic accounted for nearly 17.4% of all web traffic in 2013, and that chunk is only going to get bigger this year. 

Which is why it is surprising to see so many companies on the Fortune Global 100 list not optimizing their corporate websites for mobile. This survey, conducted by UI design and type firm Monotype’s Brand Perfect initiative found that 57% of the Fortune Global 100 hadn’t optimized their corporate website for mobile.

This means that either the sites are slow to load, difficult to read or lacking crucial information in their mobile versions, or that they simply don’t have a mobile version at all. And while many brands have apps, especially in the financial sector, they don’t contain any corporate information, such as sections for investor relations or media.

As expected, oil and gas companies lag behind when it comes to optimizing for mobile, but surprisingly, the report also singles out Apple, whose corporate site isn’t quite ready for mobile browsing. The companies identified as being the most mobile optimized are automotive, and retail.

Here’s the entire list of the Fortune Global 100, so you can see who’s been naughty and nice when it comes to mobile optimization.

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