Survey: Consumers Understand Customer Service Based on Value

NEW YORK — Consumers understand that customer service is based on their value to a company, according to a survey released yesterday by direct marketing firm Grizzard Performance Group, Atlanta, at the 2005 DM Days Conference and Expo here.

The survey was conducted by Infosurv in May and involved more than 1,000 consumers. It was designed to challenge the misperception that the level and delivery of customer service must remain consistent across all customer segments for fear of alienating a large portion of a customer base.

Results show that consumers are indifferent to how companies treat customers based on their individual profitability, proving that the concept of treating all customers equally is unfounded.

The survey found that 79 percent of consumers expect special treatment from companies they are especially loyal to, purchase from more frequently or refer other customers to.

“This is good news for today's businesses, customers and shareholders,” said Michael King, group vice president of Grizzard Performance Group. “A majority of consumers don't appear to have a problem with special recognition and services being bestowed on higher-value customers by companies. The message for corporate management is loud and clear — targeting resources toward customers based on their value makes strategic, fiscal and, now, common sense.”

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