Surefire Lead Generation with Webinars: Magnify purchases, upsells and new opportunities through the customer journey

The beauty of webinars is their effectiveness throughout the customer journey. Whether your goal is to capture new prospects’ attention, move qualified leads deeper into the funnel, or get an existing customer to renew, webinars can help. 
In fact, this webinar will provide you with the advice and insight you need to attract, engage, and influence your target audience.
You’ll learn how to:

  • Create compelling webinars to support each part of the customer’s journey
  • Select topics, speakers, and formats best suited to your individual webinar goals
  • Weave webinars into your broader lead gen and content marketing plans
  • Use webinars to converts prospects from interested to engaged to purchasers
  • Use webinars to increase positive engagement across the existing customer base
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