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Summer reading competition ignites student creativity

Summer Reading
Summer Reading

Summer reading season has once again brought out a flurry of student creativity in book design, illustration, and hand lettering. This creative flex can be a launchpad for many, encouraging them to engage in innovative ventures. Various genres and literature forms enrich the pupils‘ knowledge, prompting a deeper curiosity into different subjects and comprehension.

The competition saw outstanding submissions, especially in the Book–Covers/Jackets category, with notable contributions from the Visual Arts School. Among them was the design by Zubaan, a New Delhi-based feminist publishing firm renowned for its engaging and thought-provoking content. Zubaan’s distinctive book covers garnered the jury’s attention, reflecting their commitment to producing and showcasing significant feminist content in visually appealing ways.

Zubaan’s commitment extends to representing women’s voices, challenging societal norms and gender bias, and offering a platform for fluid and inclusive dialogues. Their work acts as a testament to the transformative power of literature, capable of changing perceptions and challenging stereotypes.

A notable submission in the Book–Covers/Jackets category was “Speaking in Tongues” by Zadie Smith, designed by Yoon Seo.

Highlighting student creativity in summer reading

The cover design, mimicking a vocabulary-matching exercise, effectively interweaved visuals with the narrative’s core themes, leaving a lasting impression.

Another unique entry, the Artist Book, featured five paper sculptures interpreting poems by American poet Elaine Sexton. Each sculpture contained a poem that sought to evoke a deep emotional connection with its reader, illustrating the transformative power of combining art with literature.

In the Books–Entire Package category, students showcased remarkable creativity. The winning entry was Bento of Memories by Shiyao Wu, which narratively portrays Wu’s spiritual journey through ingredient-focused books. This innovative blend of culinary themes with a personal narrative transcended conventional reading experiences.

Other notable entries included Dos Palmares by Maira dos Palmares Santana, From the Heart of Mexico by Guillermo Zamora, From the golden paddy fields of India by Harsha Vardhan, and Beyond the Skies of Nigeria by Sandra Ojuri. These submissions highlighted the significance of preserving personal memories tied to cultural narratives.

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