SuiteWorld 2012 keynote: NetSuite to enhance software, e-commerce, CRM platforms

During his May 16 keynote address at SuiteWorld 2012 in San
Francisco, NetSuite founder and CTO Evan
Goldberg laid out several software improvements to NetSuite’s cloud, including
enhanced e-commerce capabilities and “revenue as a service,” a system intended
to help software companies sell online.

NetSuite continues to build its cloud services for software
companies, Goldberg said. “We are entering into the subscription economy,” he
said. To this end, NetSuite plans to roll out NetSuite Recurring Billing, which is
intended to integrate CRM, ERP and e-commerce platforms for software companies
that sell their services on a subscription basis.

“There’s a real tight integration of these parts,” of a
business, Goldberg said. “It’s simple power. It’s easy to use, but yet it has
very flexible billing plans. It’s completely customizable.” Software companies
that currently use NetSuite include Yammer, Square and Splunk, he said.

In addition, Goldberg said, NetSuite will continue to fill
out its e-commerce offerings. Yesterday, Zach Nelson, NetSuite’s
CEO, announced SuiteCommerce
, which is designed to help companies connect
CRM and ERP to e-commerce, too. NetSuite currently works with 2,800 e-commerce
clients, Goldberg said.

In the future, Goldberg said, NetSuite plans to further
integrate its CRM and e-commerce platforms by building software that can track
abandoned online shopping carts, pageless navigation (meaning that the company’s
name always stays at the top of the screen, regardless of browsing), and
information about how to up-sell the customer (minimums for free shipping,
suggested items, etc.)

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