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Successful marketing campaigns transcend registration metrics

Successful content marketing campaigns go beyond just traditional registration metrics, according to a study conducted by KnowledgeStorm and MarketingSherpa. Qualified registrations, responsive and effective follow-up and lead-nurturing processes are the main ingredients for success, researchers found.

The study, which was conducted in June, discovered that no matter how successful a content marketing program is, most marketers can benefit from a better understanding of how to reach their prospects and drive more qualified registrations into the sales pipeline.

More than a total of 2,700 business marketers and technology and business professionals responded to KnowledgeStorm and MarketingSherpa’s two concurrently fielded surveys.

Of the marketers surveyed:

ò 40 percent are CMO, VP or director of marketing

ò 37 percent are marketing or product managers

The technology buyers’ demographic profile shows a wide range of responsibilities and significant influence on decisions:

ò 52 percent are business professionals

ò 48 percent are IT professionals

ò 46 percent are involved with their company’s technology at a strategic level

ò 30 percent authorize IT purchases or have a major influence on purchases

It is very important for marketers to know where they are most likely to obtain the highest number of qualified registrations. Ninety-five percent of marketers surveyed use their own Web site as a primary or secondary source for generating leads.

However, the majority of technology buyers say they provide valid registration information regardless of what type of Web site they visit, so long as they are confident their information will not be misused.

Marketers said that they were not equally confident in all types of sites, rating vendor Web sites and online IT publications among the lowest.

A mere 30 percent of buyers stated they are confident their information will not be misused on these types of Web sites. IT directories and analyst Web sites achieved the highest confidence ratings.

The study shows that 28 percent of the marketers said that clearly stating how the registration information will be used and what the site’s privacy policies are before requiring registration, is the top factor in gaining consumer’s confidence.

“Marketers could gain a lot of ground with buyers by simply ensuring that privacy policies and usage information are easily seen on the Web site prior to requesting registration,” the study said. “By placing content on multiple Web sites, or by syndicating content, marketers are more likely to be seen by buyers at various stages of the buying cycle. Achieving visibility in multiple locations also helps reinforce brand credibility with buyers, especially if they are not familiar with the vendor,” the study said.

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