Success relies on balance of mobile and email strategies

Reading and sending email are two of the primary uses of a mobile device. Considering this, those responsible for digital marketing must make an effort to optimize their strategies to be effective and efficient in a mobile environment, especially given the growth in the marketplace.?

The smaller form of a mobile device may offer diminished display capacity and usually operates at a lower bandwidth than a device connected to a wired or wireless network. However, these deficiencies in mobile performance shouldn’t impact the high-quality creative standards and best practices in place for non-mobile email. ?

Email marketers must balance the need to be mobile-oriented while maintaining a strong presence in the standard email inbox. Focusing creative too far in one direction or the other may end up driving users away from the email program. With these factors in mind, here are four key points to consider when examining your program and its impact on the mobile audience.?

Understand your recipient. The easiest way to learn about your recipients and their consumption habits is to ask them. Ask them to complete a survey, or look at your email opens by browser type. Mobile browsers have a unique signature that can be captured when images are rendered. You can then use this data to test different message types.?

Analyze segments. Once you have an understanding of where your customers are interacting with your messaging, dive in a little deeper. Are they clicking through and converting from their mobile device? Is your mobile Web experience user-friendly enough to allow them to convert??

Enhance the experience. Mobile users may not have full image rendering. Landing pages and email creative can be optimized to support a mobile user and the specific requirements of operating within the mobile environment. Leverage findings for testing. It is important to test campaigns given the plethora of mobile devices, operating systems and connectivity options. It also allows you to learn and adapt campaigns.?

It is critically important to understand how the audience you are communicating with uses the mobile channel. Are they buyers? Are they readers? With this understanding, strategies and segments can be developed to target these individuals and provide them with relevant content in a medium that they are comfortable interacting within. ?

Finally, start thinking about the possibilities of integrating mobile search findings into your email campaigns. While consumers are sending and reading your emails on mobile devices, they are also searching for you in real-time. Taking advantage of that opportunity is what’s next.

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