Subway’s #JanuANY campaign responds to tweets with entertaining GIFs

Animated GIFs have long been a feature of Tumblr blogs, but for its latest campaign, Subway decided to use them on Twitter.

For its “JanuANY” promotion, where customers can buy any footlong sub for $5, Subway decided to craft animated GIFs as real-time responses to people who tweeted at the #JanuANY hashtag. The brand hired digital agency 360i, GIF creating platform Giphy, and several digital artists to come up with real-time content responses to fans’ tweets, which led to plenty of retweeting.The customized GIF tweets were then amplified further using promoted tweets.

Not every brand can pull off GIFs for marketing campaigns (though some, like Denny’s, are great at it) but Subway has managed to get the tone of this one just right. It’s entertaining without being overly promotional. Plus, it’s yet another real-time marketing win for the very creative folks at 360i.

Here’s what some of them looked like:

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