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Study: Web Drives BTB Buying Decisions

Business decision makers are more influenced by advertising on the Web than on any other medium, according to a study released yesterday by washingtonpost.com, Nielsen//NetRatings' @plan and MORI Research.

The survey of 999 people at washingtonpost.com also showed that increased use of the Web by decision makers is leading directly to their decreased use of leading traditional media.

Decision makers were defined as someone who personally or directly influences the purchasing process for an array of products and services including computer hardware/software, legal services, ASPs/Internet access services, Web site hosting services and IT technology consulting services.

Sixty percent of decision makers said the Web is the best way for advertisers to reach them. Fewer than 40 percent recommended using television or radio. Nearly half said the Web influenced them to make a purchase or obtain a service for their businesses.

Seventeen percent use the Web at least five hours per weekday (excluding e-mail), and half of those who have increased their Web use in the past year said they have decreased television viewing as a result. Ninety percent of respondents said they use the Web to read general news.

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