Study: Pop-Up Ads Preferred Over Calls

Web surfers prefer oft-criticized Internet pop-up advertisements to telemarketing calls, according to a recent survey by online research group Dynamic Logic.

Consumers ranked pop-up ads on par with direct mail and television ads, according to the random survey of Internet users by Dynamic Logic, New York. Participants were asked to rate a variety of marketing media, including television, magazine, billboard, newspaper and radio ads, compared with pop-up ads, which cause Internet browsers to open new windows to display advertising messages in a manner many Web surfers consider annoying.

Overall, those polled said they found pop-up ads to be 10 percent more desirable than telemarketing calls. Only 6 percent said they had positive feelings toward pop-up ads.

The survey was conducted online Sept. 28-30 with about 500 participants recruited from Dynamic Logic's database of 300,000 Internet users. The findings were released earlier this month. The research firm cautioned that the survey measured only consumer attitudes and not the effectiveness of different marketing channels.

A white paper on the survey is available at

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